Forgetting The Milk: Ditching RTM for TeuxDeux

I’ve been a long time paid supporter of Remember the Milk for several years, but have decided it is time to part ways. I believe I got weighed down too much in the heavy GTD features you could create (and the openness which afforded you these abilities) and it no longer was a quick and dirty way to keep track of things.

Instead of continually attempting to restructure my RTM lists to do the job for me, I will be giving TeuxDeux a try (as well as Evernote’s new reminders feature for bigger projects). Of course it too has its shortcomings (no Android app!?) but I am eager to give it a real go!

Keeping it Simple

Like I said, RTM had gotten heavy. This wasn’t necessarily any fault of theirs. They afforded you a great range of features for which you could easily take things from simple todo list to insane-rocket-science-get-everything-done levels. I get bogged down when options are too vast, it is just something that happens and getting bogged down is no way to stay on top of your todo list.
Responsive TeuxDeux
I had first signed up for TeuxDeux shortly after it launched and was still in my RTM fanboy stage, so paid it little attention. Since then it looks like they have matured greatly, but have kept their simple, clean and design-eye friendly interface. Logging in I was prompted that I was starting a three month trial (versus the posted one month, possibly due to my early membership?) and taken to a very clear calendar style view. Adding, completing and deleting tasks all take just one click. I was also presented with what appeared to be custom lists, which I quickly deleted, except for “someday” which will act as my all-to-necessary inbox. I want to keep things as simple as possible.

No Mobile?

It is true, they lack a mobile android app, and their OSX app looks like it isn’t doing too hot. However, their website is fully responsive, so it scales nicely to mobile screen sizes! I got around the “no app” issue by creating a “TeuxDeux” task in tasker that launches Chrome with “” as the data attribute. I then added this task via the “Task Shortcut” widget to my home screen. Bam, instant mobile app.

What was that about Evernote?

Pen and paper todos, or even really simple web based ones aren’t always the best for large scale projects. Evernote still reigns supreme in management of such projects, but I believe that if used in conjunction with quick-and-dirty TeuxDeux tasks, I’ll have a killer combo.

Have you ditched Remember The Milk? Do you love TeuxDeux? Am I making a huge mistake? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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